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01 juni 2017

NIEUW de babybijbel


Toen ik deze prachtige kinderbijbel voor het eerst zag was ik oprecht verrast!
De prachtige zwart wit illustraties van Marieke ten Berge in combinatie met de pastel kleuren maken de perfecte combinatie. Deze combinatie zorgt er bij mijn kinderen voor dat ze het gedurende dag meerdere keren erbij pakken.

16 maart 2015

Beautiful highchairs are scarce and the real beautiful are rather pricey. Ikea has quite
a nice little chair, but the aluminum legs are not so nice. Therefore, I replace it with
four broom steal with white socks. Fits in seamlessly with the rest of the interior.

DIY IKEA chair:

What do you need:
- 4 wooden broom steal (DIY)
- chisel
- 4 screws
- sandpaper
- Lick of white paint
- Masking tape

16 maart 2015

Here it is: our new TV cabinet. We have been searching for a long time, we looked
around and did inspiration before we knew what cabinet we would like. We wanted no
standard furniture or wood but something unique. Therefore, we have chosen for
plastering the cabinet. I am lucky with a father who can. The skeleton of this furniture
we have created by hand wit some left over wood and we finished it of with drywall.

16 maart 2015

I had the honor to decorate the church for a friends wedding. The church itself was
beautiful, but had a chilly look. To create a warm atmosphere, I chose soft colors, the
classic rose and lace. The combination of the drab gray of the church with the bright
pink and white colors of the decoration creates a warm atmosphere.


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